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WD-40 Company – Basic Materials Stock 2021

WD-40 Company – Basic Materials Stock 2021

WD-40 is a household American brand name. It is a water displacement chemical that is used to prevent rusting, displace moisture, and it can act as a lubricant as well. If you live in the US, then the chances are high that you may have used WD-40 at some point in your life. If you work in an industrial or manufacturing environment, you are highly likely to have used a WD-40 product at least once. The formula for WD-40 is highly successful. But, it wasn’t easy to create it. It took 40 attempts, and the number 40 in WD-40 represents those 40 attempts. Companies like WD-40 have an interesting history behind them and a strong track record of financial performance. Therefore, if you are working on identifying a strong basic materials stock for 2021, then WD-40 could be a candidate.

Business Information Of WD-40 Company

WD-40 has two main categories of products. The first is maintenance products which are sold throughout the world. The second is homecare and cleaning products. These are sold in North America, Australia, and the UK. The company’s flagship product is WD-40 Multi-Use, which comes in the trademark blue and yellow can. It comes under the maintenance segment and is part of a product portfolio that includes the WD-40 specialist product line of degreasers, penetrants, lubricants, and corrosion inhibitors. WD-40 Company manufactures its concentrate at its facilities or third-party contract manufacturing facilities. The formula for WD-40’s flagship product is a closely guarded secret and the source of its economic moat. The COVID pandemic led to certain challenges for the company regarding raw material availability and freight costs. The company expects these challenges to subside. If you are looking for a basic materials stock 2021, then WD-40 Company is worth looking into.

Basic Materials Stock For 2021

WD-40’s stock hasn’t gone anywhere for more than six months. However, there has been plenty of sideways movement, which indicates that the price is preparing for its next significant move. The stock has more than doubled in the five years before November 2021.


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