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Asbury Automotive Group Inc – Truck Dealerships Stocks

Asbury Automotive Group Inc – Truck Dealerships Stocks

If you are looking for a large dealership with value-add services other than just selling and buying new and used cars, then look at Asbury Automotive Group. The company is among the leaders in auto dealership stocks in the south. It is headquartered in Georgia and has more than 100 vehicle franchises representing 31 brands of automobiles, including European, Asian, and American brands. In addition, Asbury Automotive Group has a presence in 16 metropolitan markets spread out across nine states. As the heading suggests, the company is not an exclusive truck dealership. Instead, it is an auto dealership dealing in various brands, and truck shops are also among its dealership portfolio. Asbury Automotive Group was founded in 1995 and had revenues of around $7.1 billion as of 2020.

Financial Information and More

Asbury Automotive Group earns more than 52% of its revenue from new vehicles. Used vehicles account for 30% of revenues, while parts and services bring in 12.5%. While the parts and services revenue portion might be relatively small, its share in its profit is the largest. Parts and services account for a staggering 44% of total profits. New vehicles account for 18% of the profits, while used vehicles bring in 12.8%. Financing and insurance is an important part of the business from a profitability perspective because it accounts for almost a quarter of its profits. Truck dealership stocks may not have the kind of diversification that a big auto dealership like Asbury Automotive Group may have. Asbury Group’s net income has risen from $68 million in 2011 to $254 million in 2020. The operating margin has also improved from 3.1% in 2011 to 5.5% in 2020.

Auto Dealerships Stocks

Asbury Automotive Group trades on the New York stock exchange under the ticker symbol ABG. Its stock last traded at $183.55 as of 16th November 2021. In the preceding five years, the stock has risen by 213%, from a price of around $58 to $183. In the preceding year, the stock is up 45%.


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