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Pfizer Inc – Pharmaceutical Stocks Today

Pfizer Inc – Pharmaceutical Stocks Today

If you think about the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, then one of the names that come to mind is Pfizer. It is a giant of the industry and achieved over $50 billion in 2019. Unfortunately, the pandemic led to some disruptions, and the revenue of Pfizer fell to $41 billion in 2020. However, the trailing twelve-month figure is north of $60 billion for 2021. Clearly, Pfizer is among the most well-known and well-established pharmaceutical companies in the world. It is also regularly in the news because of its vaccines. The company also received some negative publicity because of its extreme terms and conditions for providing the COVID vaccine. One can argue whether Pfizer is one of the best pharmaceutical company stocks or not, but there is no doubt that the firm holds plenty of influence due to its scientific and commercial prowess.

Pfizer Announces Q32021 Earnings Numbers

On 2nd November 2021, Pfizer announced its third-quarter 2021 earnings results. The total revenue was up significantly by an incredible 134%, from $10.2 billion in Q32020 to $24 billion in Q32021. The adjusted income was also up by a similar magnitude, growing by 133% year-on-year. The number was $3.3 billion in Q32020, and it rose to $7.6 billion in Q32021. The adjusted earnings per share on a diluted basis was $1.34, up from $0.59 reported in Q32020. Company CEO Albert Bourla commented that Pfizer has decided to pay its 331st consecutive quarterly dividend to investors. He also expressed satisfaction at the company’s quarterly performance and revealed that the company management had decided to raise its guidance for earnings per share and revenue. If you are looking for pharmaceutical stocks today, then have a look at Pfizer Inc.

Best Pharmaceutical Company Stocks

Pfizer’s stock has grown by 80% over a 5-year period, as recorded in early December 2021. The price of Pfizer’s share was $54.27 on 3rd December 2021, and the 1-month return was over 12%. The stock has been in an uptrend lately.


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