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Pfizer Inc – Top Pharmaceutical Stocks

Pfizer Inc – Top Pharmaceutical Stocks

While South Africa has been occupying center stage during the last few days when it comes to the pandemic, something unusual was recently reported. South Africa has apparently asked Pfizer and J&J to delay the deliveries of vaccines. Yes, you read that right. A country where the new Omicron variant was reported wants to delay vaccine deliveries because the demand for vaccines is going down. People familiar with the matter said that there is a lot of vaccine hesitancy due to which the demand is going down. South Africa has fully vaccinated around 35% of its adult population. Pfizer is known to have very strict conditions on its vaccine deals which include penalties for not taking deliveries of contracted volumes of the vaccine. Pfizer is among the pharmaceutical stocks now that investors may be looking at. The uncertainty surrounding the new variant of the virus keeps the interest in such pharmaceutical businesses active.

Pfizer Financials and Other Information

Pfizer has seen its revenue drop from around $67 billion in 2011 to $42 billion in 2020. However, the trailing twelve-month figure seems to be back up to $69 billion in 2021. The final figure will be revealed in the coming future. Pfizer has managed to maintain impressive gross margins of 80% throughout the past decade. Earnings per share have grown from $1.27 in 2011 to $1.7 in 2020. They had crossed $3.5 in 2017 before trending down. They were $2.87 in 2019. The trailing twelve-month number is at $3.5. Pfizer has been able to grow its dividend payouts every year throughout the past decade. The dividend per share was $0.8 in 2011 and $1.52 in 2020. Pfizer may be regarded as one of the top pharmaceutical stocks alternatives in recent times.

Pharmaceutical Stocks Now

Pfizer’s operating margin has slipped from around 30% during the start of the decade in 2011 to around 20% in 2020. However, the trailing-twelve month figure seems to suggest an operating margin of around 25$ for 2021. Pfizer’s net income for the year 2020 was around $9.6 billion.


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