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Realty Income Corporation – Best REIT Retail Stocks

Realty Income Corporation – Best REIT Retail Stocks

REITs are an excellent way for investors to earn regular income while participating in real estate. The average investor may not have the capital required to purchase an entire building or a portfolio of properties. REITs are corporate structures that own and operate rent-generating real estate and pass on most of that income to their investors. The payment is mainly paid out as dividends. Certain expenses and fees are deducted from the rental income. These include operating the property, management fees, and taxes. For investors, one benefit is that they do not have to deal with tenants or any other entities. They simply earn a dividend which is paid out regularly. It is one way to generate stable income. Realty Income Corporation is a REIT that operates commercial properties in the US, Spain, and the UK. REIT retail stocks price had taken a beating as there were questions about people stepping out of their homes due to the pandemic. However, things are improving, and commercial property owners may feel more optimistic.

Realty Income Corporation Business

The top tenants of Realty Income Corporation in terms of the revenue they bring in are Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Dollar General, FedEx, Dollar Tree, LA Fitness, AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas, Walmart, and Sainsbury’s. The mix includes retail, logistics, entertainment, and fitness. No one tenant accounts for more than 7% of total revenue. So, the spread of tenants and low concentration are positive aspects of Realty Income Corporation. The REIT is also well-known for paying regular monthly dividends. It has done so for 616 consecutive months now. So, if you are looking for the best REIT retail stocks, entities like Realty Income could be quite interesting.

REIT Retail Stocks Price

Realty Income Corp’s stock last traded at $68.85 on 9th December 2021. The dividend yield at the time was 4.29% which is a little less than 3% above the 10-year treasury rate. The 52-week high for the stock was $74.6, and the 52-week low was $57.


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