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Stepan Company – Basic Materials Company Stock 2021

Stepan Company – Basic Materials Company Stock 2021

Stepan Company is a specialty chemicals company. It is a leader in surfactant chemicals and is considered the world’s largest manufacturer of anionic surfactants. These surfactants enhance the foaming and cleaning ability of shampoos, detergents, cosmetics, and toothpaste. Stepan also sells important raw materials used in the construction and automotive industries. Detergent manufacturers don’t change their formulas very often. So, the demand for Stepan’s products is sustainable and stable. The long-term growth prospects of the company are bright. If you are looking for a basic materials company stock today, consider shortlisting companies among the leaders in their niches. The emergence from the pandemic and a pick-up in industrial activity across the world is poised to help businesses across the board. Add to that the rising inflation and rising prices of certain basic materials, and companies like Stepan look interesting.

Stepan Company Background And Other Information

Stepan Company was founded in 1932 by a gentleman named Alfred C. Stepan Jr. Mr. Stepan started by selling chemical products that controlled road dust on the country roads located in the US state of Illinois. The first physical office of Stepan Company was a rented desk on the North Pier Terminal of Chicago. Over time, the company added new products to its portfolio. Today, it serves the needs of various industries, including beverages, construction, agriculture, food, flavoring, emulsion manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and personal products. You may be interested to know that the coca leaf extract that famous beverage maker Coca-Cola uses is prepared at Stepan Company’s Maywood plant in New Jersey. So, overall, Stepan Company is one of the leading names for basic materials company stock 2021.

Basic Materials Company Stock Today

The ticker symbol of Stepan Company’s stock is SCL. You can find this symbol on the New York stock exchange. The last traded price of the stock on 29th November 2021 was $116.95. The P/E ratio at the time was around 18 and the 52-week high was $139. The 52-week low, meanwhile, was $109.


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