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Sunrun Inc – Solar Stock In 2021

Sunrun Inc – Solar Stock In 2021

Sunrun provides residential solar energy solutions that include solar panels, batteries, and other equipment necessary for affordable clean energy in homes. The company also provides power-purchase agreements and leasing options for consumers who do not want to spend big buying and installing panels. Sunrun is the dominant player in the rooftop solar sub-segment, and government initiatives and greater sustainability awareness are poised to drive the sub-segment forward. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. Solar and alternative energy has been a hot sector in recent times. If you are an investor looking for 2021 best solar stock, it helps to study companies like Sunrun, a dominant player in a fast-growing industry. As long as it gains steady market share, the growth rates positively affect the earnings and P/E multiple of the stock.

ESG Play or Simple A Good Business?

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. It acts as a framework for identifying companies that “do right” and “act right.” A lot of investors prefer to invest in ethical and sustainable businesses. They want their money to reflect their values regarding sustainability and governance. Hence, there is a demand for funds that invest in “ESG compliant” stocks. However, ESG receives some flak from its critics on performance concerns. After all, people invest money to earn a return. They don’t invest to simply do charity or to further the cause of sustainability. Some people might do philanthropy, but the core aim of investing is to earn returns. Regardless of where you stand regarding these issues, analyzing solar stock in 2021 is a good idea because it’s a growing sector.

2021 Best Solar Stock

RUN is the ticker symbol of Sunrun Inc. The stock trades on the Nasdaq exchange and last traded at $57.68 on 29th October 2021. Sunrun has had a stellar run over the past five years. The stock is up a significant 1124% over that period.


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