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XPO Logistics – Logistics Stock To Invest

The Baltic Dry Index is an important metric to follow when you are thinking about inflation. The index tracks the average price paid to transport dry bulk cargo across 20 routes. The Baltic Dry Index went from a low of 368 in May 2021 to a high of 5600 in October 2021. Since then, it has fallen significantly and is currently around 3200. Logistics companies keenly follow the index, and you may have read about logistics costs going up significantly recently. Plenty of news outlets was talking about that trend and how it may be causing high inflation. Speaking of logistics, the sector is an interesting one for investors. If you are looking for logistics company stocks today, then take a look at XPO Logistics. It is a specialist in less-than-truckload (LTL) and truck brokerage services. XPO Logistics has a strong presence in 18 countries around the world.

XPO Logistics Company Details

The current leadership of XPO Logistics includes Brad Jacobs as the CEO, Troy Cooper as the president, and Ravi Tulsyan as the CFO. Brad Jacobs has an entrepreneurial background. He is credited with starting five companies completely from scratch and then growing them to multi-million and multi-billion dollar corporations. The companies United Rentals and United Waste Systems were both started by him. Troy Cooper has worked with Brad Jacobs for many years at United Rentals and United Waste Systems. In the past, he successfully built a network for solid waste management and equipment rentals. If you are looking for a logistics stock to invest in, then companies with strong leadership and strong capital allocation abilities should be on your list. XPO Logistics has strong leadership and a large network of locations that allows it to serve around 50,000 customers.

Logistics Company Stocks Today

At the close of day on 13th December 2021, XPO Logistics’ stock last traded at $72.78. The PE ratio of the stock was around 28 at the time. The 52-week high was $153, and the 52-week low was $70.


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