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We are long term professional traders in the US stock market. We publish two of our best stock trades each week. Our portfolios are mostly for the long-term but give opinions of good exit points for short to medium-term traders. The group also likes to enter at the beginning of a move and exit at the top of the long-term trading range. These are short term trades. This usually happens with an entry point at the bottom of a trading range after the first bounce. These are the trades we specialize in and are usually very profitable.

As professional traders, we mostly use monthly Ten year or longer-term candlestick charts. We have found studying long-term trends leads to a better trading experience with more profits. Entering a position at the start of a long-term monthly trend, more likely of a good result, than a trader entering a position at the start of a trend in a daily or weekly chart. Also more hours and searching to find good trades in long-term time periods.

We like to keep it simple.

Each week we deliver two new trades in short video format. Showing you a trade that has just taken place that day with an entry point and stop loss. When a video is released, you can just enter the same trade (close to the price in the video) or wait for the next video. We can give you up to eight opportunities a month depending on market conditions at the time.

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