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Air Transport Services Group offers air freight and air cargo services to the logistics industry. Its business model is to lease aircrafts and use them to cater to air carriers and companies that outsource their air cargo needs. Air Transport Services Group is the largest owners and operator of the Boeing 767. The growth in e-commerce and global trade bodes well for the long-term prospects of the company.

The Long term monthly chart for Air Transport Group shows an uptrend that began in 2013. The price made higher highs and higher lows consistently before undergoing a period of consolidation in 2018 and 2019. This sideways movement ended at prices breaking the bottom of the long term trend for a quarterback in February, March and April of 2020. Since then, prices rose to a high of $32 before trending back down. Currently, the price is close to the bottom of the long term trend. A reversal can be pre-empted at this zone. A long position can be initiated with a target of $30-$32 and a minimum stop loss of $22, giving a favourable risk: reward ratio.

Position entered into our long-term tracking portfolio today. The entry point is $24.58 a, and stop-loss placed at $18.79, which is 23 % below the entry point. The short-term to medium-term take profit at the top of the trend is set at $28.27, giving a profit of 15%.

Data Explained

On the video and images above you will see the reason this stock was selected.

You will see the image is of a monthly chart of the stock showing the long-term upwards trend formed over the years. You will also see the entry point and the where the stop loss is placed. For more information please watch the video given.

Once it is time to move the original stop loss up you will see an additional image.

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