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Citrix Systems specializes in providing desktop, application, and server virtualization services. It also has a cloud computing segment. Customers of Citrix use the company’s software as part of their core infrastructure. Therefore there are high switching costs which benefit Citrix. Additionally, Citrix is already a leader in the virtualization space and is likely to keep hold of its customers and see growth through its cloud initiatives. The long-term prospects of the company look bright.

The long term monthly chart for Citrix shows a clear uptrend starting 2014. The trend has followed the classical Dow Theory of higher highs and higher lows, even during the pandemic. The price peaked around 148 in June 2020 before falling by 23% over the next 4 months. The price reached a historic resistance level at 113 which now seems to be acting as a support as the price has bounced back up in November 2020. Given the proximity of the price to the 113 support level, a superior risk-reward ratio is possible with the target price likely to be 148 and a tight stop loss placement around 110 below the support level at 113.

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On the video and images above you will see the reason this stock was selected.

You will see the image is of a monthly chart of the stock showing the long-term upwards trend formed over the years. You will also see the entry point and the where the stop loss is placed. For more information please watch the video given.

Once it is time to move the original stop loss up you will see an additional image.

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