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Fidelity National Financial is a Fortune 500 company that provides title insurance and settlement services to the mortgage and real estate industries. It also provides technology and transaction services. Fidelity National Financial also has majority interest in a restaurant company ABRH and it earns close to 20% of its revenue from restaurant sales. A rise in home ownership post the pandemic is expected to be the primary driver for Fidelity National Financials long term growth.

The long-term monthly chart for Fidelity National Financial shows a strong uptrend with minor pullbacks up until 2020. Over February and March 2020, the price dropped more than 50% and broke the bottom of the long-term trend. Since then, the price has risen by 60% and tested the bottom of the long-term trend a couple of times, only to bounce back up. The stock now looks poised to touch its all-time high levels of 50. A stop loss can be placed below the bottom of the long-term trend, somewhere around 30-31.

Position entered in our long term tracking portfolio today. Entry point at $39.19 and stop loss placed at $26.67, 31% below entry point. The short-term to medium take profit at $54 giving a profit of 38%.

Data Explained

On the video and images above you will see the reason this stock was selected.

You will see the image is of a monthly chart of the stock showing the long-term upwards trend formed over the years. You will also see the entry point and the where the stop loss is placed. For more information please watch the video given.

Once it is time to move the original stop loss up you will see an additional image.

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