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Heico Corp is an aerospace and electronics company that supplies products to niche markets such as spacecraft, defense equipment, aircraft, medical equipment, and telecommunications systems. Heico has over 11,000 FAA-approved (Federal Aviation Administration) parts and can facilitate more than 6000 DER-approved repairs . (Designated Engineering Representative) The mission-critical nature of these products involved means that expertise and reputation, which Heico has built over the years, serves as a deep specialist area. Heico is, therefore, poised to grow over the longer term.

A snap shot of the 20 year monthly chart of Heico Corp shows the uptrend that the company’s stock has been in for the last 5 years. The stock hit an all-time-high of 147.93 in August 2019. Since then, the stock fell by almost 50%.

In April 2020, the stock broke the bottom of the long-term trend as well as a historic support level. Since then, it has retraced more than 23% and looks poised to go up further. The next likely target would be the previous peak at 147 and then the top of the long-term trend at 155. Stop loss can be placed below the historic support level somewhere close to 70.

Positions have been taken at $88.51 With stop loss at $66 25  43% below.. Short term investors take profit point at $147$ Giving a profit of 66%.