Carmax Inc is among the best auto stocks to buy right now

Carmax is the largest used-car retailer in America. The company services, finances, and sells used and new cars through its network of 220 stores throughout the US. While the auto industry experienced significant disruptions in production and logistics due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns and government guidelines, the sector seems to be turning a tide. During […]

Credit Acceptance Corporation (CACC) 1

Financial stocks have had their share of ups and downs during the past few months. Credit risk, government policies, and the general economic environment have all affected the best financial stocks for 2020. The looming US Presidential elections are also positing questions to the financial sector. There are rumors that if Joe Biden wins the […]

Carmax, Inc 1

The auto industry is undergoing a transformation. The climate goals of various countries are leading car makers to shift towards electric vehicles. The auto sector, in general, was going through a difficult phase due to softer demand. The pandemic caused further disruption as production lines around the world came under lockdown restrictions. Amidst the uncertainty, […]