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Universal Display Corporation
Universal Display Corporation is a specialist in organic light-emitting diodes. They are used in the displays of a wide variety of electronics like televisions, phones, tablets, wearables, auto interiors, and solid-state lighting. Universal Display has a particularly strong background in research and development and holds a portfolio of some 1200 patents and patent-pending applications. The key drivers for the company are the higher use of consumer electronic products and an emphasis on energy efficiency, which technologies like organic light-emitting diodes can offer. Hence, its future prospects look bright.

The 10-year monthly chart for Universal Display shows no real movement from 2011 to 2015. Since then, the price has made higher tops and higher bottoms with significant volatility. The uptrends have been sharp, and the pullbacks have been steep. However, throughout the past five years, the price has stayed above the bottom of the long-term trend. It respected the bottom trendline even in March 2020. The most recent high was $260 in early 2021, followed by a phase of consolidation. The period from August 2021 to November 2021 saw the price fall by 40% and find support at the bottom trendline again. A reversal looks like the most probable outcome at this point. So, a long position with an attractive risk-reward ratio is possible.

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