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WD-40 is one of the most well-known lubricants in the world. It is used for rust prevention and as a water displacer. The formula for WD-40 has never been patented and continues to be a trade secret. The WD-40 Company sells a variety of cleaning and maintenance products, including lubricants, degreasers, etc. WD-40 is a household name with a solid brand value. Additionally, the company’s ability to develop several products based on the WD-40 formulation offers its economies of scale and cost advantages over competitors. The company has grown in the past and is poised to continue that trend into the future as well. The 10-year monthly chart for WD-40 shows a decade-long uptrend with consistent higher highs and higher lows with relatively small pullbacks along the way. The most major pullback appears to be as recent as April 2021, when the price fell 24% in just a month. However, the price did not break the bottom trendline. In fact, it seems to have reversed before touching the bottom trendline, and the $237 level is acting as a support. The price looks poised to make its way back up to the $300-$320 mark. A stop-loss can be placed below the support level at $222.

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